Uniform Policy

B-SMART Uniform Policy

Rationale for Uniform Policy: Dressing for success applies not only to the workplace, but also to school since this too is a place of business. Research has shown that students who wear a uniform to school demonstrate greater self-discipline; pay more attention in class; and report greater satisfaction with their school environment than their counterparts who do not wear uniforms.

Monday through Thursday.
Dress down every Friday.
No other outer garments may be
worn over gray shirts/blouses. 
All shirts must be tucked inside of pants/skirts. 
Uniform available for purchase at the
B-SMART Store.

Uniform Guidelines

Young Scholars

  • Gray button down shirt/ blouse w/ collar or school polo

  • Beige khaki pants/ Navy skirt

  • Purple & Gold tie or tab

  • Navy vest, cardigan, or blazer (optional)

  • Black Hosiery, Purple or Gold knee-highs/ Dress socks

  • Purple School Hoodie

  • Black close-toed shoes

Unnaceptable Items

The following items are unacceptable and should not appear as part of any scholar’s uniform:
  • Hats, caps, du-rags, bandanas

  • Excessive jewelry

  • Ripped jeans, cargo pants, sweat pants, shorts, t-shirts

  • Any item that has a logo other than the school logo

  • Excessively baggy or tight clothing

  • No inappropriate graphics

Uniform Information & Pricing

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