Clubs and Activities at B-SMART

At B-SMARt, students are encouraged and supported as they identify, enjoy, explore, and commit to their personal interests and passions. There are a wide variety of clubs and activities designed for this purpose. Students find that joining a club is a great way to get involved in campus life, meet other students, and, of course, simply have fun.

B-SMARt scholars join and lead several clubs and interest groups. Curiosity and wonder are pursuits we honor and strive to inspire. They feed a love of learning and dedication to personal growth that continues into adulthood and precipitates some of the most enduring lessons learned outside of the classroom.

B-SMART Clubs & Organizations

Art Club

Monday 4:00-5:40pm Ms. Moerer Room: 310

Badminton Club

Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Mr. Rodrigues Room: Cafeteria

Book Club

Tuesday & Friday 4:00-5:30pm Ms. Brown Room: Library

BSMART Radio Club

Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Mr. Coles Room: 331

Gaming Club

Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Mr. O’Hanlon Room: 333

Health and Wellness Club

Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Ms. Charter Room: Cafeteria or 333

Music Club

Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Mr. Fofana Room: 306

National Honor Society

Tuesday & Thursday During Lunch Ms. McNair Room: 324

Ping Pong Club

Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Mr. Scott Room: 306

Robotics Club

Monday & Friday 4:00-5:30pm Mr. Paramananda Room: 318

Self-Defense (Karate) Club

Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Mr. Q Chen Room: TBD (Dance Studio)

Social Studies Movie Club

Tuesday & Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Ms. Paguandas Room: 307

Swim Club

Monday & Thursday 4:00-5:30pm Ms. Taylor Room: Pool

Reasons to Join a Club

Clubs and interest groups provide scholars with:
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Gain new interests
  • Increases skill development
  • Public speaking experience
  • Chances to plan and organize events
  • Opportunities to expand cultural and educational interests
  • Several ways to have fun with friends and teachers!

Academic Programs & Internship

  • CUNY College Now: City Tech
  • Free SAT Preparation
  • Medgar Evers Robotics
  • Medgar Evers STEP
  • My Brother's Keeper
  • New Visions Academy: Financial Literacy Internship
  • SUNY Downstate Medical Research Program
  • Trio Upward Bound at Pace University