Robotics Highlights 2022-2023

July 13, 2023

Both Robotics and Battlebots teams at BSMARt reached impressive milestones and unprecedented success in the 2022-2023 academic year!


BSMARt Battlebot Team

Event: May 6th National Havoc Robot League (NHRL) (read more in our previous post)!


BSMARt Battlebot Team

Event: June 24 National Havoc Robot League (NHRL)


Pictures/Videos from the event -

This was our second time competing at NHRL, we had 5 robot teams and 16 students competing at the event! The robot teams were; Shredded, I forgot, Robler, Umi Zoomi and Project Tucker. Bsmart got 3 wins this time around, and they all passed the safety inspection with time to spare! BSMARt Students pushed the experienced adult teams very hard for their wins against us. There were no easy tap outs. It was an extraordinary effort from B-SMART. To make things short, there were 3 wins without an opponent forfeiting! The three wins were from team UmiZoomi led by Nalini Narine and (Jeanbest) Akpomesiri Isiorho, Shredded built by Kenny Diaz and Justin Greenwood and Project Tucker built and designed by Joshua Phipps, Adrian Gomez and Christopher Rosendo. All three robot teams were able to defeat an experienced adult robot team! We are extremely proud of the accomplishments. Students had a blast and learned a lot from their experience. All 5 teams showed significant improvements from the last competition and it had a huge impact on the student morale. The students accomplished so much and we can't wait to see more of an improvement for the next competition.


Highlight 1: Project Tucker

Project Tucker was built by Joshua Phipps, Christopher Rosendo, Tyrell Campbell, and Adrian Gomez.

Their first match was against a robot called Stayin' Alive- where they won by the judge's decision! This was a great win since it was BSMART'S first win without an opponent forfeiting.

Their second match was against a robot called Harold- which was a very destructive robot. We have a few videos of this fight in the shared album: June 2023 NHRL album. Unfortunately, they ran into problems controlling their robot. As you can see in the video, they stopped moving and because of that they lost.

Highlight 2: Shredded

Shredded was built by Kenny Diaz and Justin Greenwood.

Although Kenny couldn't be there Justin did a great job competing! His first match was against Liberation- where he lost. But his second match was against Bloodshot where he won based on the judge's decision!

His third match was against Flip N' Cut which was streamed with commentary:

Highlight 3: Umi Zoomi

Umi Zoomi was built by Jeanbest (Akpomesiri) Isiarho and Nalini Narine

Umi Zoomi's first match was against Record Scratch where they lost. Their second match was against Big Al, where they won! The video is in the shared album, they did a great job!

Their final match was against Underbit3, and you can watch it with this link:

BSMART Robotics Team

Event: May 26th STEP Statewide Robotics Competition


Pictures and Videos from the event -

On Friday, May 26th, BSMARt robotics team with a student delegation of ten students participated in the STEP Statewide Robotics competition at Adelphi University and won 3rd place. This is the first major tournament this young team of tenth graders participated in. They have never participated in a statewide competition before.The BSMARt team was impressive with the remote controlled part of the tournament and reached the quarter final stage of the competition and did well on their team presentation to reach third place ranking. We are very proud of their accomplishments!