Congrats Mr. P!

May 3, 2024

Let us all congratulate Mr. P on being nominated and awarded the 2024 Sloan Award for Exellence in Teaching Science and Mathematics. Mr. Paramananda is one our of hard-working and dedicated staff members who teaches our Physics, Robotics, and AP Biology classes here at BSMART. He transforms his students into budding engineers and scientists. Mr. P wrote the curriculum for the Robotics course, rewrote the curriculum for the AP Biology and Physics courses, and-on top of that- launched a drone program, introduced 3-D printing to the school, and created a robotics team that went from an after-school group to the first-place winner of the city-wide 2019 VEX Robotics Competition. Mr. Paramananda, a member of Math for America, is currently in his 11th year at BSMART and is the Chairperson of the school's Science Department. Remember if you see Mr. P, give him your congralutations!